Affidavit of Publication, Birmingham News


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Affidavit of Publication, Birmingham News


Box 6 Folder 5: "And here’s another… this is folder 5, and it’s an affidavit of publication from the Birmingham News, indicating they did publish the fact that they had applied to the FCC for a construction permit, to permit its station location from Homewood, AL, which would have been on the mountain, upon Red Mountain, to Fairfield, AL, as the city of license. And the station never had, oh pardon me… pardon me, pardon me, pardon me…. The station at this point is not at Homewood or up on Red Mountain. The station is on 109 North 19th Street, downtown Birmingham. They’ve been there for about 5 or 6 years, from about 1966 ‘till about ’72, but they had to apply for a license to move the facility. And even though they moved to Spaulding Ishkooda Road, it was within a certain millivolt contour of Fairfield, and so that they could claim Fairfield as the city of license. From the WJLD files."



“Affidavit of Publication, Birmingham News,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 31, 2023,

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