Program Log, WENN


b5f18a - page 1 of a WENN radio log - Wed, Nov 13, 1968.jpg
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Program Log, WENN


Box 5 Folder 18: "Folder 18 is a program log from WENN radio from November 13, 1968 listing all the commercials including Tall Paul’s morning show which began at 6 in the morning. Very very famous DJ, woke everybody up with a cowbell. His signature is on the log and also, his middle initial D, standing for Dudley. I do not believe he was born Paul Dudley but that the middle name was given at WENN. You can also see Erskine Fausch following him at 8 o’ clock with the Gospel Cavalcade exactly as he continued to do on WATV. And Maurice King's Thin Man Show filled out the midday. So, a glimpse into a day’s broadcast, Paul - Erskine - Maurice - Erskine - Paul... 6AM to sign off at 4:45PM. It's November and it gets dark earlier. Found at WJLD."



“Program Log, WENN,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 31, 2023,

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