Clippings, Radio Logs


Clippings, Radio Logs


Box 3 Folder 14: "And we are now into folder 14, which again are a couple of radio logs from Sunday, January 16th and Friday/Saturday, January 21st/22ndnd of 1955 from the Birmingham News. Joyce Savage is mentioned at… where is Joyce Savage mentioned? On this one you have Mary Francis right here on WEDR at 2 o’clock or 2:30. No, 2:45 she had a show. Joyce Savage on WJLD was also somebody who apparently sent that notification of the station going black. This particular piece looks like a Sunday. It’s lots of gospel. WBCO. The only name we recognize at BCO is Duke the Juke and Gospel Cavalcade we assume is still Erskine Faush. Thurgood CME Methodist Church. I’m looking at WJLD. The Watts Jubilee Singers, the Carter Choral Ensemble, WJ Allen we recognize at WJLD. And St. Peter’s Baptist Church would be WA Clark. Roberta Roland is on, Willie McKinstry is on. Going to 1220, St. Peter’s Church, the Ensley Jubilee Singers, the Kelly Choral Singers, that’s Norman Wooding’s group: Walter Anglin, William Pope, they had a lot of personalities on on Sunday. Kings of Harmony.

Now, that was January 16th; we go to the 22nd that would be a Saturday. Spun by Juke the Duke at WBCO. WEDR on a Saturday, the Shelley Stewart Show appears from 11 in the morning until, looks like, 12:30 when Fannie Johnson comes on. And he follows Big Jim’s Show of Music. It’s the first radio log that we find mention of Shelley Stewart, January 22nd of 1955.

WJLD had the Ensley Jubilees still in the morning so they did do radio. The Gospel Five, we have a picture of the Gospel Five. Eddie Castleberry’s at JLD. Truman Puckett’s still there. RJ Pope’s still there. Rack ‘Em Back Zack, there’s his show on a Saturday night. Zack’s Record Rack and Tiger Thompson. WBCO had the Johnny Jive Show. Of course it was all about advertising. Spun by Juke the Duke. I think Duke is gone by now to WSGN. Devotional Talk by Erskine Fausch, Erskine is still there at WBCO. Lots of Erskine from 8 until 11, had very big numbers, a three hour block, and they had him on on a Saturday. That’s how popular he was. So there we have it and now we have something about Shelley Stewart, at least the way the Birmingham News was able to receive information on changes in programming. We have to kind of acknowledge that."


b3f14a - Bham News radio log Sun, Jan 16, 1955.jpg
b3f14b - Bham News radio log Fri-Sat Jan 21,22, 1955.jpg



“Clippings, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2024,

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