Ben Franklin


Ben Franklin


Box 2 Folder 49: "We’re up to folder 49 which has an original picture of Ben Franklin, engineer Ben Franklin and his wife. I don’t remember her name although I spent a lot of time at her house, trying to get some things in order out of Ben’s files. Ben was the first engineer for WJLD and he was in radio before WJLD as well. We do have some audio recordings with him on it as well. He was quite a brilliant man. His library speaks to that. He had books on every topic, many books on electronics, and many books filled with schematic diagrams. He eventually owned his own station in Calera, Alabama; it was a hodgepodge. It was on for a while. He loved it, never strayed from radio. Died at the age of 80. Gary Richardson and myself were both pallbearers at his funeral. I recorded interviews with Ben for about 4 hours and his remembrances in early radio. The building that he’s standing in front of no longer exists. It was on top of Red Mountain which would place the picture sometime between 1948 and the ‘60s. Not much later than that and probably earlier because WJLD and WJLN are very specifically delineated. Also WJLN TV. We don’t have any information on whether or not or how far the project on WJLN TV moved, but there is no recollection of an actual broadcast on WJLN TV. Pictures from Ben Franklin."


b2f49a - Ben Franklin and wife at WJLD Red Mountain - 1950s.jpg
b2f49b - Mrs Ben Franklin - 1950's.jpg



“Ben Franklin,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 25, 2024,

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