Gospel Groups, Morrow Photo Studio


Gospel Groups, Morrow Photo Studio


Box 2 Folder 27: "This is number 27, folder 27 dated 1952. This is a lot of gospel groups from Morrow’s Photo Studio collection, 5504 Avenue D in Fairfield. I visited Mr. Morrow at his house, and this is where I got all of these pictures. He had boxes and boxes of 8 x10’s. There are pictures and then there are copies of pictures. We have been trying to identify folks in these pictures. There is, the picture that we’re looking at right now has below, there’s actually two copies of that...There is another picture from Morrow with Carlton Reese right smack in the front. Again from 1952 a young Carlton Reese who is credited with writing “We Shall Overcome” and he was from here 16th Street Baptist Church. But Reese was born in 1940. Is he 12 years old here? Maybe 13. We do have a little description we think we know who one of the singers is... Rosie Hade and it looks like her sister is right there; they might all be sisters, who knows. Anyway, we would like to know more about who these singers are. This again from Morrow’s photo studio in Fairfield. When I met him he was not in Fairfield; he was in Ensley. In the early 1990’s. Just a group of gospel singers… some that do not show Morrow’s name may not have come from Morrow. I think they may have, but I’m not…I don’t know where else I would have gotten the originals from. The Young Blood Gospel Singers of Hueytown and Willie Beaver (currently with the Delta Aires) is identified in here, and identifying would only have to be Don Solomon’s work. Here's James "Junior" McElroy from Riley, we have a couple of phone numbers from him; I don’t know that we’ve ever called him. But there are also women in here who do appear on other pictures. She’s everywhere. Again from Morrow photo studios. Marie Miller from Bessemer we’ve identified in that group. And moving right along, I’m just moving through the pictures. We’ve identified Mary Alice McCall in one of the groups. In one of the groups, that’s this one…we’ve identified everybody in this group. Is this also from, yeah it is…okay they’re all written all over the group, but we have not identified the name of the group. So there is again much to be identified. There’s a final picture in here of we don’t know who. I’m assuming again from the Morrow files. Had a pledge from the Birmingham Times to publish them but so far, no go."


b2f27a - Gospel singers with Carlton Reese - 1952 Morrow.jpg
b2f27b - Another group with ID's to follow - 1952-53 Morrow.jpg
b2f27c - flip of 27b with names to match.jpg
b2f27d - another female quartet - early to mid 1950's.jpg
b2f27e - a female quintet from Morrow collection - 1950's.jpg
b2f27f - female quartet & James Junior McElroy from Riley  1950s.jpg
b2f27g - female quintet with male - 1950's Morrow.jpg
b2f27h - female quartet with male - 1950's Morrow photo.jpg
b2f27i - Young Blood Gospel Singers of Hueytown -Willie Beaver.jpg



“Gospel Groups, Morrow Photo Studio,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 24, 2024, https://www.thebbrm.org/item/201.

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