Clippings, Radio Logs


Clippings, Radio Logs


Box 2 Folder 25: "This folder from 1952, April 1, 1952, a Tuesday, and this one from April 10; there’s two actually. Wait a minute, they’re both from April 1, 1952; that’s just shmutz. And what these do... they list the radio stations, not clear whether they were listed in the Birmingham News or the Birmingham World. Okay. They list WBCO at 1450 and the lineup. Now, there is an 8 o’clock show called the Gospel Cavalcade. If anybody knows what Erskine Fausch calls his show, it’s the Gospel Cavalcade. And at this time Erskine Fausch would have been at WBCO. So we know that he’d been on the air continuously with the Gospel Cavalcade for some 60 years. W e also know that the Cavalcade was started by William Faush, Erskine’s older brother (by 6 years) and that they were on together at times or on different shifts, so said William. Okay, also when it says Humming with Honey that’s obviously Honey Brown although there were two Honey Browns and we have a pix of the second, the female Honey. The first we don’t have a pix of but he was a male Honey. Sessions with Gar, that’s Gar Grace. Rhythm Train, Jet Powered Jive Ship that was I believe, Bruce Payne. Now here's their error, I believe. They left out the heading for WEDR because that's Reveling with Eddie, well that’s Eddie Castleberry, waking folks up at 6 in the morning again, and let’s see anybody else we notice. The Tan Town Jubilee, we don’t know who that is. Shopping Bag Capers, I guess maybe a show for women of the time. Flying Saucers that was of course, flying saucers meaning the records, and remember that these guys did more than one shift. Moving to the next page, or further down, WJLN 104.7 from 1952 doesn’t, I mean, they signed on at 5 and signed off at 10 and that was it. WJLN on Wednesday had the Atomic Boogie Hour 104.7. So people could hear at 3 o’clock Bob Umbach all over the place if they had an FM receiver . And WJLD had its own broadcast schedule, but also had Mr. Puckett’s show, which was of course Trumon Puckett at 8 in the morning, then the Bob Umbach show at 10 o’clock. Then at 1 o’clock the Atomic Boogie Hour, so Bob was on a lot cause he was on at a different time at 3 o’clock on the fm. He’d walk…at this time, in 1952, the station is transitioning from Bessemer Superhighway to Red Mountain. And then, you also see that Joe Rumore’s on on WVOK. Of course that’s not black radio, but he did several shifts. And we have the Crusader’s Quartet, which may have been a black quartet I don’t know, and that is what we have to say about these clippings. We do show WLBS 900, which we don’t know very much about, but it was on the air at the time. Looks like my mom's sewing machine in the ad."


b2f25a - WBCO and WEDR lineup - 4-1-1952.jpg
b2f25b - WJLD WJLN line up - 4-1-1950.jpg



“Clippings, Radio Logs,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 24, 2024,

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