WENN Staff


WENN Staff


Box 7 Folder 40: "Folder 40 is a picture of part of the WENN radio staff. We have Dale Forster, Theo Bailey, and Michael Starr in the background. We have Ro Bonner, Tony Brown, Tyrone Robinson, and a lady. This was the first year that WENN 107.7 won the number one station in Birmingham. They are as of this pix, located, of course, not at 15th St. and 5th Ave North, but at the A.G. Gaston building on 16th St and 5th Ave N. The building is pictured in the background. They’re in the intersection of 16th Street and 5th Avenue North taking this picture. Donated by Lucious Washington."


b7f40a - WENN's number 1 staff - 1979.jpg



“WENN Staff,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2024, http://www.thebbrm.org/item/460.

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Tracy Cunningham

Dale's last name was Foster, not Forster. That's a small group of the staff. I worked there from 1982 to 1987 as a News Anchor. I received great experience working at WENN, 107.7 FM.

Great Memories!

Tracy Cunningham!

Russell Person

"Aint nothing to it like the way we do it", "Blast from the past", 107.1 was the best and will always be missed when driving back to the home town.  Answered the winning phone call for the whole high school concert contest.  Never will forget that.  Wishing you all the best.

Eddie Perry Jr

Do you keep a playlist of your Christmas songs? Grew up to it and would love to revisit them!

Nathaniel Pope

I am conducting research on a gospel group that broadcasted on WENN on Sunday nights in the mid 60's around 1964. The group was the Spirts of Harmony Choral Ensemble and their program emanated from the New Zion Baptist Church in Bessemer Alabama.

Do you have any information on the group or the broadcast, Photos, tapes etc. or can you point me in the direction where I can reach out to someone who may be helpful.


Nate Pope

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